For over a decade, this site is a reference point for the biogas and biomethane supply chain. With an active audience of over 13.000 people and coverage of the main sectors involved in the supply chain, Agroenergia is a crossroads of an innovative and dynamic sector.

How our audience is segmented

The most historically covered sector for us is agriculture, which includes a significant portion of biogas plants operating in Italy. We have a specific subsegmentation for biogas plant operators.

Articles and discussions

Liquefied biomethane and agricultural plants

Much has been said about biomethane injected into the natural gas network, also in the webinars organized by Agroenergia. Certainly important players in the waste sector have traced the path for the development of this sector, not only in the center-north but also in the south, albeit so far to a limited extent compared to the need for use in automotive, ma …

The state of biomethane plants in Italy: some considerations in view of a new decree

This article aims to examine the state of development of biomethane in Italy, object of 3 seminari on line, between October and November 2020, taking up some arguments made with Snam and Federmetano, on this occasion. More than two years after the second decree came into force and seven years after the first, whose effects were …

From clean hydrogen to green ammonia. The ideological contradictions of the Green deal.

Re-publication of an article by Mario A. Rosato on Agronotizie The trade association Hydrogen Europe is presented as a partnership between the European industries promoting technologies related to the use of hydrogen and the European Commission. This is a lobby, in the Anglo-Saxon sense of the term, or: “Group of people who try to influence lawmakers on …

Who we are

AdMil is a company dedicated to services for renewable energy in agriculture and related technologies, active for over 30 years. Services, offering under the Agroenergia registered trademark, they include training and knowledge dissemination events, feasibility studies, strategic analyzes. AdMil also participates in research projects concerning the development of new technologies, at the service of agroenergy. It has its operational headquarters in Tortona (AL).

During the years, AdMil has organized events in the environmental field and, from 2007, in collaboration with EnergEtica – North West Italy Agroenergetic District, gave birth to Mostra Convegno Agroenergia, a reference point for the innovative renewable energy sector produced in agriculture. Agroenergy courses and seminars are systematically organized throughout Italy, with a growing commitment to development in the Central South areas.

Job opportunities

The bioenergy sector, of the environment and waste is very dynamic and there are many interesting job opportunities in the field of plant management, the development of projects and other initiatives.

Here you can report both offers and job applications.

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