The new networking features of Agroenergia

Starting with the Webinar (Hydrogen and Power to Gas), we have introduced some important news on our site and related events.

In our consolidated experience in webinars and virtual events, we realized that one of the most important elements of an event, beyond its contents, it is the possibility of networking, that is to meet and exchange views with other participants or speakers.

Although the web conferencing platforms we have adopted always allow for the possibility of “to see” the other participants, we have found that this possibility is little used today. This is probably due to the fact that during a conference the attention is absorbed by what happens on the screen and when the conference is interrupted, it is difficult to regain contact with the others present.

To mitigate this problem and favor those interrelationships between professionals, which are one of the main reasons for going to an event “in presence”, we have integrated functions on our site that until now are not offered by videoconferencing platforms.

For those registered for one of our events of this type, it will be possible, once registration for the event is confirmed, view other subscribers and communicate with them, before and after the event in the following ways:

  • Chat, as an alternative to the video conference chat
  • E-mail, by sending an email to the address of the selected participant
  • WhatsApp, by sending a WhatsApp message with the selected participant
  • Business card, by transmitting their data to the selected participant (taken from the registration form)
The new networking possibilities connected to the virtual events of Agroenergia

Articles and discussions

The opportunities of the new European Fertilizer Regulation for the agricultural and waste sectors

The theme of the future of agricultural biogas plants is closely linked to the enhancement of by-products and waste of agri-food origin. The biogas plants built in the last 10 years and partly financed with public money, to encourage the progressive replacement of fossil sources, they are a technological asset and an important source of sustainability …

Manure biomethane is more sustainable than hydrogen

Re-publication of an article by Mario A. Rosato on Agronotizie Il Jrc (Joint research centre, Joint Research Center) is the institution that coordinates the European scientific community and elaborates the technical-scientific reports on which the European Parliament should then define its development policies. The latest study on energy efficiency and CO2 emissions in the sector …

Who we are

AdMil is a company dedicated to services for renewable energy in agriculture and related technologies, active for over 30 years. Services, offering under the Agroenergia registered trademark, they include training and knowledge dissemination events, feasibility studies, strategic analyzes. AdMil also participates in research projects concerning the development of new technologies, at the service of agroenergy. It has its operational headquarters in Tortona (AL).

During the years, AdMil has organized events in the environmental field and, from 2007, in collaboration with EnergEtica – North West Italy Agroenergetic District, gave birth to Mostra Convegno Agroenergia, a reference point for the innovative renewable energy sector produced in agriculture. Agroenergy courses and seminars are systematically organized throughout Italy, with a growing commitment to development in the Central South areas.

Job opportunities

The bioenergy sector, of the environment and waste is very dynamic and there are many interesting job opportunities in the field of plant management, the development of projects and other initiatives.

Here you can report both offers and job applications.

For more details, you can write to us at the following address:



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