OFMSW and sewage sludge for biomethane: two complementary feed stocks

Online seminar: Thursday 29 June 2023, ore 15:00-17:00

This first webinar is dedicated to deepening two aspects in particular: the regulatory and authorization framework, in which it is possible to create mixed systems, also with reference to the destination of the digestate, as well as the experiences of using this digestate in agriculture, in light of the replacement of chemical fertilizers.

  • Legal aspects, regulatory and authorisations (Avv. Ferraris)
  • Agronomic aspects: what happens when using digestate in agriculture; possibility of recovering phosphates; advantages and disadvantages (Fabrizio Adani, Department of Agricultural and Agro-environmental Sciences, University of Milan)
  • Specificity of upgrading for biomethane from sludge and OFMSW (Luca Barbato, Prodeval)
  • Some industry experiences (Federica Barone, Acqua e Sole)


The webinar speakers will be:

Pietro Ferraris

The lawyer Pietro Ferraris has consolidated expertise in environmental legislation (in particular, emissions, waste and reclamation) and in energy (energy from renewable sources and relations with GSE), providing ongoing consultancy to local public bodies (Province, Common) or to public companies wholly or partially owned, engaged in the management of public services.

Fabrizio Adani

Professor of Biomass and Waste Recycling Promoting the Circular Economy (course in English), Soil and Environment at the Department of Agricultural and Agro-environmental Sciences of the University of Milan. He carries out research on topics related to soil and environmental chemistry and the recovery and treatment of organic waste, bioeconomy, bioenergy production and green chemistry

Luca Barbato

L’Ing. Luca Barbato, Managing Director, Prodeval Italia has a long experience in the management of biogas plants and in biomethane production technologies from any type of matrix.


Federica Barone

L’Ing. Federica Barone is Senior Environmental Engineer and Project manager of Acqua&Sole srl, an anaerobic plant fed with sewage sludge.


The webinar has a participation fee of 50 € (VAT included)

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