Webinar: Designing a biogas plant – Key engineering considerations

Speaker: Mario Rosato

Date and time: Thursday 2nd December 2021, 15:00-18:00 CET (held in English)

Experience shows that some biogas plants suffer from major design flaws. Although anaerobic digestion is an apparently simple technology, some plants tend to underperform, because they were designed with a “one size fits all” approach.

This webinar will outline some fundamental design considerations, that should be kept in mind by decision makers.

Scope: Providing guidelines for assessing the feasibility of anaerobic digestion of residues and organic waste feedstock. This webinar will also discuss key engineering considerations, dimensioning factors and process layouts.

Who should attend: public officers, biogas plant owners and operators, consultants, engineers and constructors. Basic knowledge on anaerobic digestion and biogas plant management required.


  • Peculiarities of different waste types
  • From waste to energy and fertilizers: general process layout
  • Pretreatments to increase the BMP: cost vs performance
  • Overview of digester technologies: choosing the most suitable one for your specific case (CSRT, PF, UASB)
  • Proper dimensioning of the digester
  • Desulphuring systems
  • Fertilizers from digestate
  • Compost and biochar
  • Odour prevention and treatments
  • Digestate treatments and destination

Speaker: Prof. Eng. Mario A. Rosato, author of “Managing Biogas Plants – A Practical Guide” (CRC Press, 2017), has a wide ranging experience in anaerobic digestion, with a specific experience in plant diagnostics and process control. As a biogas expert, he actively participated in the working group that created the new UNI 11703:2018 standard for biomethane potential assessment (BMP).

Mario Alejandro Rosato

The registration fee for this webinar is 95€

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