Webinar: Choosing the best technology solution for your biogas upgrading

On line seminar

A comparative review of the latest upgrading technologies

Date: 9th April 2021, from 14:00 to 17:00 CET ( held in English)

Who should participate: consultants, researchers, engineers and anybody engaged in getting the maximum profit from a biogas plant.

Required professional level: participants should have at least some basic notions of chemistry and anaerobic digestion technology.


  1. Choosing the appropriate upgrading technology for your project

There is no one-size-fits-all approach in upgrading biogas into biomethane (or RNG – Renewable Natural Gas).

In addition to a balance of Capex and Opex costs, compatible with the expected raw gas volumes, other factors come into play, such as: source and quality of raw gas, technology readiness, plant availability, as well as type of end use, grid injection pressure, surface area requirements, possible local heat source, etc.

Main topics covered:

  • Process stages
  • Pre-treatments
  • Main upgrading technologies (membranes, PSA, chemical scrubbing, water scrubbing, cryogenic)
  • Performance profiles
  • Emissions and CO2 recovery

This webinar will discuss the key upgrading technologies, their respective pros and cons, based on field experiences in the Italian context.

Speaker: Prof. Eng. Mario A. Rosato, author of “Managing Biogas Plants – A Practical Guide” (CRC Press, 2017), has a wide ranging experience in anaerobic digestion, with a specific experience in plant diagnostics and process control. As a biogas expert, he actively participated in the working group that created the new UNI 11703:2018 standard for biomethane potential assessment (BMP).

Mario Alejandro Rosato

The registration fee for this webinar is 95€


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