Webinar: L’ Elimination of composting and the End of Waste for FORSU digestate

webinar, 11 September 2020, ore 15:00-16:30

In the treatment of FORSU, the composting of the solid part is generally foreseen and the water purification of the liquid part is started, This treatment scheme derives from the traditional method for stabilizing the organic fraction of waste and sewage sludge.

Today, however, with the greatest attention paid to the recovery of nutrients from waste and the replacement of chemical fertilizers, it is possible to radically modify this scheme, with a view to full Circular Economy.

This webinar offers a reflection on the technologies traditionally used for the treatment of OFMSW in anaerobic digestion plants and an in-depth study on a new technology that allows the complete elimination of composting..

Main topics covered:

  • Composting: it is the only way to treat the OFMSW? (economic and energy costs, difficulty in placing the compost, etc.)
  • How to solve the problems of plastics in incoming FORSU
  • The End of Waste Regulation allows the agronomic use of digestate, but there are a lot of resistance in the agricultural world in the face of the FORSU digestate and the spreading costs become unsustainable as the distance increases
  • Main advantages of Biosip technology
  • Economic accounts compared
  • Market outlook for treatment by-products


Alessandro Daneu, Agata & Spa

Alessandro Daneu

With decades of managerial experience in the biogas sector, Alessandro Daneu is Partner and Technical Director of Agatos Spa, with which he invented and implemented the Biosip process, for the complete disposal of FORSU, as well as for the treatment and sanitation of agricultural waste, the control of the contribution of nitrates and emissions in agriculture and the biological disposal of sewage sludge.

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For organizational reasons, places are limited.