Webinar: Anaerobic Digestion – Diagnostics and Prevention of Process Disruption

On line seminar

Date: 10th Dec.2020, from 14:00 to 17:00 CET ( held in English)

Who should participate: consultants, researchers, engineers and anybody engaged in getting the maximum profit from a biogas plant.

Required professional level: participants should have at least some basic knowledge of chemistry and anaerobic digestion technology.


  1. Scope and general vision of this course
  • The most common methods for biogas plant management, and why to avoid them:
  • BMP from tables
  • BMP from theoretical formulas (Buswell, Baserga, pFOM)
  • BMP as a function of the BOD test
  • Titration (a.k.a. FOS/TAC, a.k.a. VFA/TA)
  • Electrical conductivity
  • Control of the digester with pH or ORP electrodes
  • Chemical analysis of the trace elements and (or) inhibitors         

  • Introduction to the rational method for biogas plant management
  • Measurement of the VS (or COD) of the feedstock
  • Measurement of the feedstock’s BMP (a brief comparison between the norms VDI 4630:2006, UNI 11703:2018 and IWA Draft 2016)
  • Measurement of the specific biological activity of the ’inoculum (SMA test and the need for its normalization, hydrolytic, proteolytic and lipolytic activity, comparing additives and pretreatments)
  • Measurement of the digestion efficiency
  • Q&A

  •  Some frequent causes of process disruption and how to avoid them. Some study cases.
  • Laboratory techniques in anaerobic digestion
  • Basics of metrology and error propagation: How to measure accurately even with coarse instruments
  • Difference between accuracy and precision
  • Practical application of the error analysis
  • Measurement devices for the gas flow and volume from fermentation processes
    •  volumetric methods
    •  barometric methods
  • Batch and continuous volumetric methods: when to employ one or the other
  • Hands-on: virtual practice on measuring BMP with the AMPTS II
  • Q&A

Speaker: Prof. Eng. Mario A. Rosato, author of “Managing Biogas Plants – A Practical Guide” (CRC Press, 2017), has a wide ranging experience in anaerobic digestion, with a specific experience in plant diagnostics and process control. As a biogas expert, he actively participated in the working group that created the new UNI 11703:2018 standard for biomethane potential assessment (BMP).

Mario Alejandro Rosato

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