OFMSW and sewage sludge for biomethane: biological aspects of diet modification

Online seminar: Thursday 13 July 2023, ore 15:00-18:00

This webinar will explore the application of the UNI/TS11703 test methodology:2018, to ascertain the two basic prerequisites for satisfactory anaerobic digestion: the adequacy of the inoculum and the absence of inhibitory effects of the substrate. Moreover, the webinar will examine the criteria for identifying the optimal blend in order to obtain a synergistic effect and ascertain the effectiveness of any pre-treatments.

The transition from a monosubstrate digester feed to a codigestion regimen is not always obvious and is often underestimated, with negative effects on performance.

  • Design aspects: how to make two different processes coexist
  • Addition of OFMSW in a wastewater treatment plant
  • Addition of sludge to a OFMSW digestion plant
    • Case 1: digestore PF
    • Case 2: digestore CSRT
    • Case 3: Digestore a biocelle, with possible recirculation of leachate
  • Other and possible
Mario Alejandro Rosato

Speaker: The professor. Ing. Mario A. Rosato, author of “Managing Biogas Plants – A Practical Guide” (CRC Press, 2017), has extensive experience in anaerobic digestion, with specific experience in plant diagnostics and process control. As a biogas expert, actively participated in the working group that created the new UNI standard 11703:2018 for assessing the potential of biomethane.

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