Webinar: Implementing a successful biogas project

Key project considerations

Date: 2nd July 2021, from 14:00 to 17:00 CET ( held in English)

When comparing different biogas projects, a good understanding of the design characteristics can prevent making the wrong choices. Deciding the best tank size for the expected feedstocks, as well as taking into account biological and mechanical differences between different design alternatives are key elements among the plant development decisions.

This course addresses all those who:

  • intend to invest in a biogas or biomethane plant (farmers, agronomists, compost producers) and desire to understand how to select from the wide offer of competing technologies;
  • provide the funding (Banks, Venture Capitalists, Business Angels, Private investors) and need elements of impartial judgment beyond the claims of plant builders, “inventors” and academic theoreticians;
  • are stakeholders of the biogas plant design and construction process (engineering companies, contractors and subcontractors);
  • must evaluate the environmental impact of or the life cycle of the plant  (local authorities, policy makers).

Part 1 : Basics of anaerobic digestion biology

  • Understanding A.D.  and its technical jargon: HRT, CRT, COD, TS , VS, TOL, OLR, etc.
  • Types of digesters, advantages and disadvantages of each one, depending on the substrate.
  • Desulfuration and upgrading technologies: a short review
  • The optimum diet for the digester: measurement of the BMP (biochemical methane potential ) of the feedstock BEFORE the construction
  • Common mistakes in biogas plant design 
  • Q&A

Part 2: Managing the digestion process and biogas purification. 

  • The biological stability of the digester.
  • Frequent problems of the biologic process and how to prevent them.
  • Desulfuration technologies: pros and cons of each solution
  • Q&A

Speaker: Prof. Eng. Mario A. Rosato, author of “Managing Biogas Plants – A Practical Guide” (CRC Press, 2017), has a wide ranging experience in anaerobic digestion, with a specific experience in plant diagnostics and process control. As a biogas expert, he actively participated in the working group that created the new UNI 11703:2018 standard for biomethane potential assessment (BMP).

Mario Alejandro Rosato

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