The removal of plastics from the OFMSW digestate

Webinar, Wednesday 8 June 2022, ore 15:00-17:00

In light of the new European legislation on fertilizers and the pressing need to replace chemical fertilizers with renewable fertilizers, the removal of plastics from compost and digestate becomes increasingly important, in order to allow an increasingly widespread use in agriculture.

Starting with the improvement of the separate collection of organic waste, up to the technological solutions adopted by the treatment plants, this webinar will address a number of aspects related to the removal of physical contaminants through production processes, in view of the new regulatory requirements.

  • Regulatory evolution. What effects they will have on the collection side and on the output side
  • Upstream and downstream technical solutions for plastics removal
  • EOW processes for the enhancement of digestate and fertilizer regulations


Alberto Confalonieri, CIC – News from companies: The regulatory evolution for the reduction of aggregates, in light of the Fertilizers Directive

Giulio Grisanti, AIMAG: The elimination of plastics from the workforce in the Finale Emilia and Fossoli plants

Alessandro Daneu, Agatos: The elimination of composting leaving the Marcallo con Casone biomethane plant (ME)

Enrico Calcaterra, Massimiliano Cetti,  Orbis: Systems for the removal of plastics and other aggregates in digestates : review of technological solutions

Mario Rosato, Sustainable Technologies: A new tool for measuring the degradability of plastics in anaerobic digestion.

The registration fee for this event is 95 €, VAT included. (payment information here)

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