The third Biomethane Decree

The boost to agricultural biomethane in the third Biomethane Decree and the application rules

Cherasco Bank Auditorium – via Good 15, Roreto of Cherasco (CN), Friday 20 January 2022, ore 09:30-12:30

After the publication by MASE of the decree approving the application rules for accessing the incentives for the injection of biomethane into the natural gas network, the
decree of 15 September 2022 on the promotion of biomethane finally becomes fully operational.

The decree was created in close connection with the PNRR and reflects the objective of maximizing the national production of biomethane. Therefore it pays particular attention to the agricultural world, and to promote the construction of new plants, and to encourage the conversion of existing biogas plants, which will approach the end of the incentive period. The seminar aims to give indications primarily to agricultural and zootechnical entrepreneurs, not necessarily already involved in the biogas sector, as well as to other players in the extended supply chain of large natural gas users, of transport companies, of the logistics and related industries of these supply chains.

The seminar will address the following aspects of the decree:

  • Characteristics and objectives
  • Target sectors of biomethane
  • Main differences compared to previous decrees
  • Opportunities and advantages
  • Critical issues
  • Who can benefit
  • Plant sizes
  • Eligible biomass
  • Sustainability criteria
  • Self-consumption


Piero Mattirolo, Agroenergia Administrator, Program presentation

Danilo Rivera, Deputy Director of the Bank of Cherasco, Opening works

Andrea Chiabrando, technical director CMA Monviso Agroenergy Consortium, The definition of the supply plan and the destination of the biomethane

Alberto Fanchini, Prodeval Italia, The conversion to biomethane: specificity compared to traditional biogas and management of plant self-consumption

Gianluca Airoldi, AB Group, From biogas to biomethane: with AB a complete and sustainable energy systeme

Ilaria Stretti, IGW, IT management of biomethane sustainability certification

The cost of participation is € 50, VAT included (payment information here)

Caution: registrations are closed (19.1.2023)

The participation fee is not required for CMA members – Monviso Agroenergia Consortium, Confagricoltura, Coldiretti and CIA, as well as for public administration, upon registration by 17 January 2023.

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