From composting to biomethane

Online presentation and visit to the Santhià plant,

Tuesday 19 October hours 15:00 (on line)
Wednesday 20 October hours 11.00 (plant)

Biomethane from waste is today an environmentally virtuous path , which allows you to transform a problem, that of the organic fraction of the waste, into a renewable fertilizer energy source. In the past years, composting has been identified as an optimal path for the stabilization of organic waste e, surely, it is still a valid method for this purpose. However, today, the possibility of obtaining biomethane, before compost production, although more expensive in terms of investment, it is more effective from the point of view of energy efficiency, as from the environmental one.

However, one of the obstacles to a greater diffusion of waste biomethane plants is that of the economically sustainable minimum size, which has so far been placed on a dimension of 40.000 tons of organic waste per year. The most recent plant developments make it possible to lower these thresholds, making smaller projects more feasible.

This could provide important advantages especially in central and southern Italy, where the lower population density and logistical problems make it more difficult and expensive to concentrate large quantities of OFMSW. Without forgetting the strong resistance of local communities to the impacts on the territory of the related logistics.

L’incontro si svolgerà presso l’impianto di compostaggio Iren di Santhià (YOU), di recente integrato con digestore anaerobico e produzione di biometano, ormai a regime, che sarà possibile visitare al termine delle presentazioni.


9:45 Registrazione partecipanti

10:00 Presentazioni:

  • Piero Mattirolo, Agroenergia La situazione di mercato della FORSU e lo sviluppo biometano nel settore dei rifiuti
  • Gian Francesco Galanzino, EntsorgaComposting automation and the key factors for reducing the minimum plant size

11:00 Visita delle stazioni di pretrattamento, anaerobic digestion, upgrading and composting